Looking For Experienced Industrial Electrician Services?

M & D Electric Company, Inc., located in Sour Lake, Texas, provides experienced and professional Industrial Electrician Services for all of South East Texas. When looking for a Commercial Electrician for new Installations and chemical plant expansions or any Industrial Electrical project, we have the knowledge and safety record you expect. With over forty years experience in the petrochemical, pipeline, and municipal industries, M & D Electric has earned the reputation of providing a high quality and professional experience. All M & D Electric’s Industrial Electrical Technicians are highly skilled and certified so you can count on every job to be done safely and efficiently.

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We specialize in

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New Installations

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Maintenance Contracts

We support the following industries

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Petrochemical Refining Gas Process

Electrical Engineer

Pulp & Paper Pipeline Major Storage & Pumping

Engineer and Worker at Electrical Substation

Calcining Commercial Municipal

Need A Commercial Electrician For Your Next Project?

M & D Electrical Company, Inc provides experienced Commercial Electricians handling any pipeline or municipal projects in Southeast Texas.

Services to include

  • Cabling & Wiring
  • DCS, RTU & DRA Skids
  • Design, Fabrication & Installation of Automation Systems
  • Design, Fabrication & Installation of Electrical Components
  • Design, Fabrication & Installation of Pole Line Systems
  • Design, Fabrication, Installation, & Testing of Circuitry
  • Design & Installation of Instrumentation Systems
  • Electrical Installations for DRA & RTU Skids
  • Electrical Racks, Distribution Panels & Transformers
  • Fiber Optic Installations
  • Galvanized, PVC-Coated RGS Conduit, & PVC Conduit
  • High Voltage Circuits
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • I/O Panels
  • Low Voltage Circuits
  • Medium Voltage Circuits
  • Onsite E&I Maintenance Contracts
  • Overhead & Underground Raceways
  • PLC Installations & Upgrades
  • Process Field Instruments
  • Transformer Banks
  • Distribution Systems
  • Duct Bank Systems